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Future Of Remote Sonography

Equitable Access To Healthcare Services For Rural And Remote Communities

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As we all may know, one of the significant problems of hospitals and clinics in Canadian remote areas is the provision of human resources, specialists in the field of medicine, and also technicians off medical apparatus such as sonography and other medical equipment. In other words, due to the insufficient number of patients in these areas, the recruitment of medicinal specialists has no financial justification and can impose high expenses on clinics and hospitals. Our solution for these problems is sonography robots of EchoBotics. You may think that these types of equipment are costly and not many clinics can afford them. But EchoBotics working style is to lease the equipment annually at a logical and fair price. In addition, there is no need for trained technicians to work with the device and no need for technical force to repair and maintain it. And the most predominant feature is that the best and most famous sonography specialists from all over the country will be at your disposal.

It no longer matters...

It no longer matters which remote area you live in, we provide access to all ultrasound specialists across the country.
. After reviewing the records of the technicians, you can make the best choice for an ultrasound at your place of residence.
. With the help of a robot, designed by this company, technicians will perform online sonography operations for you with the highest quality.
. Please complete the forms step by step to know how the system works, and at each step, by clicking on the help icon, the necessary explanations will be available to you.

Working with this platform

Working with this platform, you will have access to more number of patients from all around the country. In addition, clinics and service providers will be ranked based on patients' satisfaction which would lead them to more customers. Since sonography is done by a robot, you are allowed to do the sonography only by using a joystick, far from the patient`s site, even from your home. Not only will it reduce the expenses, but it also could cut down the sense of tension. It is worth saying that this feature needs only minor amount of information.